Slack Adjusters

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The Bendix® Versajust™ Slack Adjuster is designed for use on S-Cam brakes – the most common type used on commercial vehicles. Built to last, the new Versajust slack is compatible with nearly any automatic slack adjuster or link-style ASA. What’s more, the Versajust slack is crosscompatible (across each axle) with the Bendix® ASA-5® slack adjuster.

For generations, the Bendix name has been synonymous with the best in proven performance, customer service and support, and the Bendix Versajust slack is no exception. It features advanced sealing technology and a unique external wrap spring one-way clutch which provides gradual adjustment to help prevent hot brake over-adjustment, as well as a minimized stable stroke value to optimize brake efficiency.

The Bendix Versajust automatic slack...easy to install and simple to maintain. It makes installation templates a thing of the past and maintenance hassle-free. Plus, it’s backed by a 6-year/1 million mile line-haul warranty, one of the industry’s best.

Versatility. Durability. Performance. Savings. It’s time for a change. It’s time for the Bendix Versajust slack adjuster. Find out more today.

Bendix Versajust Automatic Slack Adjuster Feature Benefits
Clearance-sensing design Maintains consistene shoe-to-drum clearance regardless of other foundation brake parameters with fewer part numbers; thereby maximizing lining life and helping to keep brakes in balance.
Unhanded design
No instalation template required
No additional brackets required
Quick and easy installation or OEM's and Fleets.
Gradual & continuous adjustment rate Prevents "hot brake" over-adjustment, thereby saving brake lining life and keeping the vehicle on the road.
Minimized stable stroke value Maximizes the efficiency of the brake system.
Dual worm gear O-rings
O-ring sealed worm shaft
Robust sealing prolongs product life; reduces downtime and maintenance costs.
Patented Bronze Friction Rings Reduces friction and increases service life.
1.3" pin-to-pin clevis dimension Enables compatibility with industry standard welded & universal clevises.
6-year line haul warranty Added protection for fleets and increased assurance in reliable performance.